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As collectors, one of our favorite colorful is amberina glasss produced by a lot of companies including Cambridge, Fostoria Fenton and Kanawha.  Amberina glass can come in many different forms including, crackle glass, frosted glass, it can be molded or blown.  Amberina glass looks terrific on any window sill where the sun shine through it and make the colors splash alive and with total beauty.  Outasite!! Collectbiles is dedicated to providing information on some of the most sought after collectible items not originally produced for collecting.

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At the end of the 1800s Libbey Glass Company hired Joseph Locke from the Cambridge Glass Company.  In 1883, he patented amberina glass.  This Victorian Era glass is distinctive in its colors.  Gold was mixed with the molten glass to produce stunning reds and oranges that tapered into a fine amber.  Other companies, including Blenko,  Fenton, Boyd and Kanawha later received licenses from Libbey to produce amberina art glass pieces.

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This is a very beautiful example of a stretch glass vase.  The base of the vase can be either blown or molded, but the top is normally stretched with tonges by glass artists.  Kanawha glass was one of the companies that produced many of these vases but the vases were also produced by other companies.  Although this is an amberina vase with vibrant oranges and yellows, these stretch vases were made in other colors of glass as well.

When decorating a home you might consider placing a few of these on window sills where the light can shine through them.


On the right is another example of beautiful amberina glass.  This compote in the Moon and Stars pattern was made by the L.E. Smith company.  Later, the rights to the patterns were sold to other makers including Fenton Glass of West Virginia.

Although you see many compotes of all different shapes and sized made in the Moon and Stars pattern, the pattern was used on many other items as well.

Note how beautiful the light shines through the piece.  These come in many different sizes.


The decanter on the left is one of the favorite pieces of our collection.  This blown glass amberina decanter was made by Blenko and is 14" tall.  These amberina decanters whether they are made by Blenko or tother class companies come in different sizes and you can find these in different colors as well.

The richness of the colors on any one piece of amberina glass is associated with how much gold powder was mixed in with the glass to get the color.  Amberina glass makes me feel rich because there is gold in the house.

The amberina bowl above is another one of our favorites.  It was made by the Fenton Company of West Virginia, which closed up shop a few years ago.  The pattern is hobnail which was very popular among vintage glass makers, it came in all colors and in all forms from bowls to pitchers and drinking glasses.


I had this bowl sitting on a glass table with the mirror underneath it, by a window. The colors radiated were spectacular.

Now who could possibly dislike amberina crackle glass?  No matter what company made it, in this case Blenko Glass, there is just no way that this little crackle glass pitcher will not turn heads.  This one measures about 5" tall.  To make this the glass blower will blow it into shape, then dip it in water.  When the glass cracks, the glass blower will put it back in the fire.  Later he attaches a handle and walah!


I have so many more examples of pitchers, crackle glass pitchers and frosted pitchers of all sizes and colors.  So much so that I have decided to give them their own page.


Many people often write me to ask if I sell any of my collection.  The answer is that I love all my collection, but as people always say anything can be bought for the right price.  If you have any questions please email me a

I will be adding more beautiful vintage amberina glass items to this information page in the very near future.  Please come back and visit often